• Security footage can be obtained as forensic evidence
  • Identify potential workplace hazards
  • Improve merchandising and staging in retail locations

Surveillance Camera System

Surveillance Camera System or security camera systems are now a norm in small and medium business vicinities. Businesses are encouraged to have the camera system installed to mitigate the risk of property and identity theft, safety and security of workers.

In the past 2 years, Network Repairs has successfully set-up Camera Systems in over 30 companies across Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Toronto, Waterloo, Kitchener and other areas in the GTA. We offer a wide-range of security cameras and specialize in digital systems including:

  • DVR Security System
  • Digital Security Systems
  • PoE Security System
  • Wireless Security System

Why choose Network Repairs to set-up your Camera System?

One-stop Shop
As an IT company we offer a comprehensive setup and integration of the camera system to your network
We offer a range of servers and provide expert consultation to best suite your company based on your need and budget. A complete IP Scheme used will be recorded for easy maintenance
Power Protection
Complete power fall back options provided to keep the cameras and Camera server working in the event of a power failure
Protect the camera servers with the right security protection to prevent hacking

With our proficiency in IT and Cabling, we offer additional add-on services including:

  • Setup Monitoring Apps on handheld devices
  • Professional Cabling routing to ensure security, efficiency, and durability
  • Initialize remote backup for all recorded video, and to keep data safe
  • Additional Tech. Support

As Network Repairs is an IT support and service provider offering security camera solutions, we offer much more value-added services such as checking the monitoring records and to ascertain if the camera is working properly via our Managed IT Services. We can also integrate the security system with an existing networking system, which makes it easier to manage the system and backup the records.