Why need upgrade business network

By the time being, your business network may experiencing many problems: hardware out of date and do not have capacity for the new software, computer got slowing down, OS and security software out of date and don’t have any new patches…Network upgrade is keeping your business network up-to-date with new portable devices, PC, workstation and laptops, software, and upgrades to infrastructure such as servers, firewalls and security.

Business should re-access the IT infrastructure and hardware/software every 1-2 years, make sure it is able to satisfy need, and normally after network upgrade your overall working performance will be increased by 20-30%, with faster Ethernet connection, better server and PC performance, new software, etc.

Deciding when your business needs to make an upgrade means looking for the signs that your tech is creaking under the strain. The biggest warning sign to any business owners to upgrade their IT is whether operations are becoming increasingly inefficient, time consuming and costly. You will need looking into every piece of your network:

  • Servers
  • PCs, Workstations, Laptops and portable devices
  • Software to go on the server and machines
  • MS Office
  • Firewall; Anti-Virus & Spam control
  • Cabling
  • Switches
  • Local and Cloud Backup
  • Maintenance program
  • Future growth


Further Growth is most important, and for sure you will not want the hardware you got can only work for couple years. Expendable is the most important for your hardware, you will need extra ram slot and hard drive slot. Prior to purchase, contact with NetworkRepairs expertise and get advice upon your need, and your potential growth.

NetworkRepairs recommend use Dell T430 server as the expendability:

T430 have 12 DIMM slots (up to 384GB) for RAM, and 8(3.5”)/16(2.5”) HDD bay, 2 Xeon E5 2600 CPU, and 2x1GB Network Controller, which makes it capable for host 4-5 VM while 10 employee using at same time without any delay, and delivers the compute power needed for, web, print, and file serving, mail serving and collaborative teamwork. The T430 is highly versatile and can be deployed as a tower or rack mounted server. Put all this together at an affordable price and you’ll see how Dell’s PowerEdge T430 is an excellent choice for most small/medium businesses and remote offices.

Dell offers multiple programs and licenses to achieve superb management efficiencies across the range of PowerEdge servers. The T430 comes standard with Dell’s Integrated Remote Access Controller, iDRAC8 which offers basic onsite and remote management features. Upgrading to iDRAC Enterprise wit Lifecycle controller enables additional tools for deployment, automatic updates, and remote monitoring of availability and system health via a mobile phone.


Network Repairs also recommend to use Dell Optiplex series PC or Latitude-Laptop. Optiplex and Latitude is designed for corporate, government and education markets, with business oriented components and software:

  • Built to last: able to handle the toughest jobs. Ensure long-term reliability with durable, serviceable
  • The right fit for your desk: designed to integrate seamlessly into virtually any office environment, on virtually any size desk, and with a consistent look across all models.
  • Designed to help preserve the environment: minimize energy consumption and encourage conservation with the ENERGY STAR® 5.2 compliant
  • Business-class control: enables IT administrators to take total control over system management and security protocols, and offers the stability needed to effectively plan for the future.
  • Efficiently manage: achieve unprecedented IT control in your workplace
  • Enable data security across your organization: protect your critical data and meet compliance standards with Dell Data Protection2 and Trusted Platform Module (TPM)3 encrypted hard drives and other security features.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind provided by business-class stability and support.

NetworkRepairs providing professional structured cabling service over 15 years. We have our checklist as following to help you design and routing the cables with the fastest speed and best routing:

  • The type of construction in use.
  • Location and appropriateness of the server room and/or wiring closet.
  • Measuring distances of the various cable runs
  • Determining whether an IDF (intermediate distribution point) will be required. For larger spaces, or spaces containing many company divisions, it is often necessary or beneficial to have multiple wiring closets to separate logical divisions in a network, or to extend a network beyond 300 ft from the MDF (main distribution point, usually the main wiring closet or server room).
  • Determining whether any special cabling will be required, such as fiber optic to connect remote IDFs, or CAT6 over CAT5e for spaces that might cause interference in data transmissions.


You can always check with NetworkRepairs IT professionals for their recommendations. We will discuss with your actual IT needs and your budget, and develop a customized Upgrade solution with best ROI: add new hardware/software, utilizing exiting hardware for the better performance, and keep your business up to date.

And keep in mind that just a upgrade is not everything, you also need your IT network being monitored and taking care of. We offer managed IT services packages and server maintenance plans to keep your servers, hardware and network working in best performance and pro-active to minimize down time.