A Comprehensive IT Managed services program tailored specifically to your business needs

Managing backend IT shouldn't be your core focus. Let network repairs take care of your IT. The maturity of our Managed Services practice is unparalleled in Canada. Our 100% Canadian Data Centers, 2 decades of experience, expertise in various segments makes Network Repairs a market leader. It has all salient features an excellent IT Managed Service program needs

  • Monitoring and Management
  • Server Patch Management
  • Firmware updates
  • Daily backup monitoring
  • Anti-Virus, anti-Spam and firewall updates.
  • Asset management
  • Hardware Lifecyle management.
  • Monthly performance Reports
  • System health reporting
  • Custom pricing
  • Customer friendly Service level agreement
  • Industry leading certified professionals

Server Monitoring

Remotely monitor and maintain servers and minimize threats to your IT infrastructure

This includes

  • Hard Drive Checks (Disk Errors, Disk I/O, Space Check)
  • CPU Monitoring (Usage Check, Temperature Check, Fan Status)
  • Raid Status
  • Raid Battery
  • CPU Monitoring (Usage Check, Temperature Check, Fan Status)
  • Physical and Virtual Memory Check

PC Monitoring

Remotely monitor desktops and laptops across operating systems and platforms in your business network

This includes

  • User Profile Management
  • Disk Space Check
  • Temp Files Cleanup
  • Email Integrations, Office 365

Patch Management

Apply timely patches to keep the systems updated and secure

This includes

  • Server Patch Management
  • Workstation Patch Management

Security Management

Protect your users against internal and external threats under our all-inclusive top-tier security features

This includes

  • Anti-Virus Definition check
  • Regular Server and PC Scan Checks
  • AV version updates
  • Port Forwarding on Firewall
  • Firewall Updates
  • Directory Structure with user level access management on demand
  • Anti-Spam control

Backup Monitoring

Help protect your business data with sophisticated backup monitoring and rapid disaster recovery plans

This includes

  • Backup monitoring and reporting
  • Cloud and on-premises backup
  • Back up at number of devices at almost any level
  • Fast backup and recovery to facilitate business continuity
  • Quick Disaster Response
  • Our own Secure data centers

Asset Management

Leave your assets into our care and we will tell you when to update, upgrade, or renew as per your business needs

This includes

  • Software Renewals
  • Hardware lifecycle management
  • Capacity Planning


Monthly reports on performance evaluation and necessary recommendations.

This includes

  • AV reports
  • Performance reports
  • Scheduled Assessment of Hardware lifecycle
  • Network assessment
  • Security overview
  • Patch reports

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