Backup Solutions

A thorough backup plan with proactive measures is critical to the safety of a business’ smooth-operations. When businesses encounter system failure, breakdown, hack or virus attack that leads to data steal or loss, it takes a toll on the business to recover financially and operationally.

NetworkRepairs specializes in offering expert backup solutions at an affordable flat fee to efficiently protect business’ data.  We offer onsite, offsite and remote/cloud backup service with disaster recovery and business continuity.

Highlighted Features:

  • We are able to perform complete recovery within 15 min
  • Secured combination backup plan, choose any of the cloud, on-site, remote, off-site backup (at least 2 or more services subscription recommended for optimum efficiency)
  • Automated backup of files
  • Network Repairs’ technicians manually check all automated backup files for quality assurance
  • Speedy data recovery

Why choose Network Repairs Backup plans?

Fit your budget
Many different options to choose from.
Customized Plan
Multi-layered, multi-software solutions.
Daily monitoring of ALL backups.

Backup Monitoring Plan

  • Monitoring a successful backup run every day, ensures that you have backed up the data and it is available when needed
  • Our backup monitoring plan records successful backup confirmation and take necessary steps to ensure that you have a safe backup every day.
  • A backup report is sent to you every month showing you the results.
  • CDP Backup
    Suitable for your budget, frequency, off-site policy plus your data size.
  • Business Continuity
    Duplicates your data in real time, locally and off-site at low cost.
  • Off-site Backup
    Affordable large size data and multi-location solutions.
  • Cloud Backup
    Schedule backup with self-service or remote control by our staff.