Customized IT Services

Network Repairs is an  IT services company with primary focus on helping our clients achieve high ROI with lowest cost possible on IT service and IT support. We have dedicated team of IT professionals whose primary goal is to provide quality and on-time IT support. We also provide remote or onsite IT service performed during off-business hours to minimized the impact for your operations.

We are Microsoft Silver Partner, and certificated partner for major hardware, software and network security providers. All our IT technicians have minimum of 5 years experienced with the necessary certifications.

We offer flexible models and customized IT support solution to meet your individual requirements.

Remote Desktop Server

Network Repairs helps our clients to setup high quality and effective RDS to increase productivity, system security and reduce maintenance requirement.
Our certificated and experienced technicians will perform extensive planning process following the  Microsoft Best Practice guidelines to maximized the security of RDS. We ensure the RDP functions such as authenticating clients and remote accessibility of applications are done flawlessly.  Separate user sessions are created for smooth performance.

Network Repairs help size and distribute the load for your users on the Remote Desktop Servers to maximize security, performance and stability for our clients.

On Demand IT Support (Onsite or Remote)

Network Repairs provides flexible IT support method to all our clients. You can call us for remote or onsite support for your business network problems such as : server breakdown/error or other server issues, VoIP not working, Virus & Spyware, hardware and software issue, Firewall Issues , Emails etc.
Our experienced technicial team will help you resolve any technical difficulties as fast as possible to minimize you loss and bring your staff back to work.
Service will be billed with amount of time solving the problem (min of 1 hour ) and there is no additional travelling cost for customers located in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke and Woodbridge for onsite support.

Block Hours Prepaid Program

Network Repairs provide block hours prepaid program with a validity of 1 year, to help reduce our client’s cost instead of using hourly services. Once you purchased the program, your staff can call us for any IT and networking support ,when needed.

  • 10 Service Hours
  • 25 Service Hours
  • 50 Service Hours
  • 100 Service Hours
  • 200 Service Hours

PM Services

We have onsite & remote Preventative Maintenance plans for Server, computers, laptops plus other network equipment.
We have both fixed and variable cost plans, please contact us for details

Please note

We have strict policies for our client information, passwords etc. They are not shared or moved around. We do not use outside or temporary IT staff, keeping our clients safe. All company’s secure information is kept with us and is password protected and is deleted if not in use after 6 months to 1 year. We do not hold any company data as well. Your safety and security is extremely important to us.

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Free Networking Consulting

NetworkRepairs provide managed IT Services and IT/Networking solutions with predictive IT budget costs with no surprises or downtime. And we are able to take clients' network to the next level.
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