Network Upgrade

If you are experiencing network slow down due to large data, software and other applications, it is time to upgrade your network.

Network Upgrade is a big task regardless for the business size. Judging the workload of IT network, considering which server, firewall, switches etc. to purchase, and knowing whether a need to change an existing hardware is viable or not. All of these critical decision making requires subject experts to review the business requirements and then make appropriate judgement. This could be overwhelming for most IT professionals, let along business owners. Inappropriate decision-making could lead to inefficient IT infrastructure thereby resulting in leaking cost and time in frequent hardware and software upgrades.

Network Repairs specializes in network upgrades, offering seamless and effective server migration services. We have efficiently performed hundreds of network upgrade projects for small and medium businesses in GTA with new physical/virtual servers and new network environments.

Here are some highlights of our network upgrade offerings:

Smooth Migration
Safe Data Transfer
Quick Switch Over
Minimal Downtime

Why trust Network Repairs for network upgrade services?

Through our unique Discovery & planning approach we’ve realised that Migration Support are critical to performing a seamless network upgrade. Hence, prior to the network upgrade, we carefully evaluate the needs and workload for a client’s network, and lay-out upgrade requirements with scalability, business objectives and budget in consideration. This allows us to detail an effective hourly-based network upgrade plan that includes purchasing, configuring, migration, and testing.

Clients have benefited by our unique approach of upgrade services:

Minimal Downtime
Most of the task are done before we deliver the hardware to a client’s location. The entire migration process takes anywhere between 2- 6 hours which can be done during or off business hours.
User Friendly
All data, settings and applications are transferred to the new device, so all client users have exact same user experience like before.
All the files and data are transferred and checked for quality assurance, along with additional backup for emergency; all applications are tested after for a seamless performance.

We have mastered the network upgrade process by evaluating, planning and setting up procedures and methods that have been tested for efficiency and effectiveness. We are a trusted network upgrade partner of many small and growing businesses across Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Toronto, Waterloo, Kitchener and other GTA areas.

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