Network Security

Network Repairs considering network security as priority for our clients and provide complete and effective solution includes ground-up design, implementation, and maintenance to prevent compromise or loss of critical business data.

Network Repairs focused to provide best security solution with best firewalls, Anti-Virus and of SPAM filtering to stop all external threats with best ROI for our clients.

We partnered with major world leading security suppliers of both hardware and software to utilize your network safety needs:

  • Firewalls: CISCO, Juniper, SonicWALL, and Fortinet
  • Anti-Virus: AV Defender(by BitDefender), Symantec, Kaspersky
  • Spam Filter: Barracuda

Network Repairs also offering virus/spam control and removal services, and able to response for emergency call with same day service or next business day service. We are capable to provide remote service in most of the case, and onsite service while necessary. 

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NetworkRepairs provide managed IT Services and IT/Networking solutions with predictive IT budget costs with no surprises or downtime. And we are able to take clients' network to the next level.
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