Network Security

Know Your Risks before you outsource your next Network Security Assignment
  • Simple routers do not provide the level of security needed to safeguard important company data.
  • Hackers access your network and use it for sending out fraud emails, extracting data, passwords, and securing credit card information.
  • Virus-Spyware and Phishing are a few of the common threats creating major headaches to users. They infect computers unknowingly while surfing the internet, receiving emails and sharing files.
  • This results in a tremendous loss of productivity by slowing down the computers and corrupting program files.
  • This also results in the malfunctioning of the operating systems and anti-virus programs not working effectively.

External Security

External Security can be addressed by:
  • Using a well configured firewall.
  • Effective Antivirus program.
Not configuring a firewall correctly can have a major impact on the external security.

Firewall Security

  • We use hardware based firewalls for safety, performance, monitoring and control.
  • Firewall options are configured to open and close ports that are in control to keep hackers from entering the network.
  • Firewall gains control of user’s internet accessibility. It also monitors incoming and outgoing internet traffic and access.
  • A secure access to the network can be provided by using firewall VPN.
  • Firewalls offer Unified Threat Management (UTM).
Choosing the right firewall and configuring it can be challenging. We will guide you in procuring the right firewall and providing the right solutions for your company.
We have partnered with CISCO, Juniper, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Gateprotect and Watchguard and can give you the right security solution for your business.

Anti-Virus programs

  • Prevent all these unwanted threats by purchasing the right antivirus software and keeping it updated.
  • We do constant testing and find the most effective product for you.

Internal Security

Internal threats from inside the network are the most common and are extremely dangerous.  Stolen data and customer information result in major losses that are non-recoverable.


  • We design a fully secure network which is created ground level up with security in mind.
  • Implement a good directory structure for user level access.
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized entries.
  • Secure the network with proper policies and profiles.
  • Use special software tools to prevent data leakage