Mail Server Integration

Email has become the life of communication bringing business to a whole new level.  Each and every company heavily depends on the email system to work efficiently. Communication and organization of your day to day activity is the key to a higher level of productivity. Read More to learn how your Email Server needs can be optimized.

This means that at any given time, you can see new appointments and change of addressees which get synced between your outlook application and your smart phone like blackberry or iPhone.

Business demands a quick response ensuring that the customer's needs are taken care of and they have the comfort of doing business with you.

We have installed and configured different mail servers.

By far, the most popular is the Microsoft Exchange server and we have more than 50 installations done in the past 7 years to our credit.

We can also effectively integrate exchange with Blackberry Enterprise server, Microsoft Exchange and I mail Server for large installations. Sharing calendars, rights, sharing email, address book, global address book etc. are the features of this installation.