Network Upgrades

Each Network Upgrade differs in requirements and primarily we classify network upgrades into two main categories.

1.   New Network Installation
2.   Upgrading the Existing Network

To help in your choice of upgrade, simply call us and we will help you make a decision.

Our process involves:

    • Check your network
    • Talk to the software application company
    • Recommend what you need
    • Plan and discuss
    • Implement
    • Support

We strongly recommend a maintenance program, which is optional.

New Network Installation

In a new network installation, the whole infrastructure is new and our expert certified network technicians can guide you in the following areas:

    • Server configuration and procurement
    • Computers and laptops
    • Firewall/Router/Switches
    • ISP
    • Phone Systems and Telephones
    • Cabling infrastructure
    • Software
    • Company specific applications
    • Backup
    • Anti-virus
    • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
    • Website : Domain registration and making of site

We have partnered with major industry leaders and can help you choose the right hardware and software to efficiently achieve your goals.

Upgrading the Existing Network

Making a decision to upgrade your existing network can be challenging because of the costs, downtime involved and lack of proper guidance. 

The concerns you may have are:

    • Loss of data while upgrading
    • Working of applications after the upgrade
    • The total cost involved
    • Downtime involved
    • Compatibility of hardware and software
    • The proficiency of the company performing the upgrade
    • Validity of the solution provided
There are various methodologies by which your network can be configured:

    • Single Server
    • Multi Servers
    • Virtual Servers
    • Multi Locations
    • Thin client technology
    • Cloud Computing/Hybrid Cloud Computing.

We are Silver Partners with Microsoft, and we also partner with the major industry leaders to help you achieve the network upgrades in a smooth and efficient manner.

The entire process of upgrading is performed efficiently without disturbance to company operations.

We have successfully performed over 60 upgrades for various industry segments. Give us a call or email to help figure out what is the best solution for you.