Backup Solutions

Organized proactive planning for backup of your data is crucial for your company. When you encounter a system failure,breakdown, hacker attack or a virus which erases your business data, there is a lot of time and cost spent to get the company back to shape.
Network Repairs specializes in backup solutions which fit your budget and produce the desired results. We offer onsite, offsite and remote/cloud backup service to satisfy your needs and provide complete backup solution with disaster recovery and business continuity.

Backup Monitoring Plan
Monitoring a successful backup run every day, ensures that you have backed up the data and it is available when needed.
We take great care in our client’s backup to keep working and is available when the need arrives. Our backup monitoring plan records successful backup confirmation and take necessary steps to ensure that you have a safe backup every day.
A backup report is sent to you every month showing you the results.
We encourage you to check with us for more details.

CDP Backup

Network Repairs works with CDP solutions depending on your budget, frequency, off-site policy plus and your data size. We have a secured data center to safely store any required data size. This will be an effective, well thought off and complete solution with best ROI.

Off-Site Backup

If you do not have multiple locations and your data is large we combine and provide you an inexpensive low cost solutions for desired results. We have own data center operation 24/7 to provide best offsite data backup service any time you need.

Business Continuity

Network Repairs duplicates your data in real time, locally and off-site at an economical cost. We can provide you with a low cost and low latency model and produce long term backup solutions where you can recover old files any time when needed.

Cloud Backup

Network Repairs offer effective cloud backup solutions to our clients. We combine internal, rotational and cloud backup to give you a reduced cost solution which does all you want  for only $5/Month or up. Our cloud backup solution allows you to schedule backup with self service or  remote control by our IT professional.

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